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Nutrition in the run up to tupping is critical to ensure success. Every year farmers are spending money on various supplements for their ewes often without knowing what they actually require. To guarantee optimum nutrition you should be working with your vet to determine the current trace element status of your flock and your vet can then advise which trace elements, if any, are required. Nutrition in the run up to tupping is critical to ensure success. Every year farmers are spending money on various supplements for their ewes often without knowing what they actually require. To guarantee optimum nutrition…
Flies are notorious for causing a nuisance to cattle but are you aware they can be responsible for more serious issues, such as the transmission of disease between animals?In the UK there are at least 20 species of fly which feed on cattle. Different species of flies feed on different secretions or tissues. Some pierce the skin and feed on blood; while others feed on secretions such as sweat, skin secretions, saliva, or tears. Some flies even feed on excretions such as urine or faeces.There are two ways in which flies cause harm to cattle:NuisanceAnimals which are exposed to a…

Trace Elements and Growing Lambs

Thursday, 06 July 2017 14:41
There is a great deal of pressure when trying to finish lambs for sale and there are numerous factors which can result in delays. Trace element status of growing lambs is an aspect which should not be overlooked as deficiencies and toxicities will lead to reduced productivity. Did you know that an adequate supply of cobalt is critical for lamb growth? After cobalt is consumed by the lamb, it reaches the rumen where bacteria utilise the cobalt to produce Vitamin B12. This Vitamin B12 is integral to glucose synthesis and thus impacts on how the lamb utilises its food (as…
This editorial is brought to you by Bimeda - makers of Ectofly12.5mg/ml Pour-on solution for Sheep Increasingly unpredictable weather conditions mean that farmers are still being caught out by blowfly strike, with up to 80% of farms affected and up to half a million sheep struck annually in the UK. The historical, more predictable summer fly season is a thing of the past and in recent years we’ve seen great variations in the months which fly strike occurs beginning as early as March and in 2016 lasting as late as November! This variation in incidence means farmers must be more…

Bimeda Appoints New EU Commercial Director

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 14:40
Bimeda is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Alsemgeest to the role of EU Commercial Director. Based in the Netherlands, Peter will be responsible for the implementation of Bimeda’s EU commercial strategy, with a particular focus on driving sustainable expansion throughout the European region. Currently, within Europe, Bimeda has a physical presence in Ireland, the UK and France, with manufacturing and commercial operations in each country. This is complemented by a robust export business throughout the rest of Europe. The company’s focus now turns to continuing to grow its physical mainland European base and Peter’s appointment will be accompanied…
The CoseIcure soluble glass boluses supply the same levels of ionic Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine every single day for up to six months. These trace elements can play a vital role in fertility and health. Also in the range is the Cosecure Cattle bolus, which is the only registered LM bolus in Ireland, and which provides Copper, Cobalt and Selenium. The CoseIcure and Cosecure range is enjoying rapid growth in Ireland. It is being increasingly specified by beef and dairy farmers, as well as vets, who are looking for a high quality bolus that provides a solid return on…
The importance of overall herd health cannot be overstated. Health impacts on a great many aspects of the dairy cow, from fertility to food absorption to milk quality. There are so many factors that can influence the health of a dairy cow, one of these being trace elements. The most important trace elements are Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine. Each of these plays a vital role in helping the dairy cow maintain a healthy and fertile profile. A deficiency in any of the aforementioned elements can lead to problems with immunity, fertility, food absorption to name a few. Thus investigating…
Ruminants can suffer from a wide array of trace element deficiencies. However the most common are related to copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium. Sheep that are lacking in these essential trace elements can fail to thrive, have poor overall health and encounter fertility problems. However, once these deficiencies have been diagnosed, correct supplementation is necessary for the flock. Mark and Ann Brennan live in Clocharnach Farm in Rostrevor in Co. Down, overlooking Carlingford Lough. The farm is in SDA and so the mountains are very important. They have a flock of 150 Scottish Lanark Blackface Sheep, plus replacements. For nine…
There are many factors that contribute to ewe performance. One of these factors can present itself in the form of a trace element deficiency. This type of deficiency can have a serious impact on ewe fertility and overall health. One farmer that found herself with the dilemma was Jemma McHugh.
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