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Bimeda is passionate about training and development, and would like to congratulate Juliana Santos, our EU Customer Service and Logistics Co-ordinator who recently achieved her Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) qualification. The DGSA plays an important role in the company and as a certified DGSA, Juliana will now be responsible for providing advice on all areas related to the transport of dangerous goods. Achieving the qualification is testament to Juliana’s hard work and dedication. In addition to her recent qualification, Juliana is also playing a key role in Bimeda’s work to prepare for Brexit, and is enrolled in the Government’s…

Passionate About Animal Health

Thursday, 14 November 2019 15:25
At Bimeda, we are passionate about animal health! Congratulations to Bimeda UK Territory Manager, @Lydia Bunning, who recently achieved her Noah Certificate of Animal Health. Lydia’s success follows several months of intensive studying for the qualification, which focuses on animal physiology, the effect of nutrition on animal health, diseases causes and control means, as well as laws and codes relating to the use of veterinary medicines. Lydia’s success is testament to her hard work and dedication and her passion for excellence in animal health.
Bimeda UK were pleased to sponsor the first ever Nutritional Expertise Award at the 2019 National SQP awards which took place this week. Congratulations to Lauren Yates from Pets at Home who won first prize and to Sarah Sparke from J S Hubbuck who was runner up. Both Lauren and Sarah are committed to the promotion of best practice in the area of nutrition; understanding the vital role that optimum nutrition can play in animal health, productivity and fertility.
Sheep scab is a costly and highly contagious disease with serious implications for animal welfare. Tackling this disease needs a proactive approach from all quarters of the sheep farming and animal health industries; from manufacturers, to vets, farmers and SQPs. Bimeda knows that SQPs and vets will play a key role in contributing to the fight against scab. As knowledgeable, trusted, industry professionals, we would like to see SQPs and vets actively engage with farmers when they are looking to purchase parasite control products, and to communicate important information about bio-security, diagnostics, and the optimum scab prevention and treatment options.…
While the issue of sheep scab has never gone away, it seems that now, more than ever, it is at the forefront of farmers’ minds. In the last few months alone, headlines such as ‘Scab Risk Hits Tipping Point as Cases Soar’ and ‘Warning Over Sheep Scab Outbreak in West Wales’ felt like alarming, weekly occurrences. Reports and statistics showing worrying levels of scab abound, with one highlighting the fact that an estimated 8.6% 1 of the national flock suffer from scab, with incidence as high as 24% in Wales, according to one estimate.2 Encouragingly, these startling numbers have resulted…

Bimeda Appoints New UK General Manager

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 16:14
Bimeda UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Cokayne to the role of UK General Manager. Mark brings with him a wealth of experience from the veterinary pharmaceutical and animal health industry, having previously held positions in Sogeval, Ceva, Vetoquinol and Virbac. He also brings extensive experience in both human healthcare and manufacturing industries. Mark commented, ‘Bimeda’s values are well aligned to my own personal values, and I’m pleased to join a company which places such a strong focus on quality, customer service and the promotion of best practice. Bimeda is a recognized leading force in the areas…
With blowfly season fast approaching, Bimeda are encouraging farmers to consider plunge dipping as an effective and cost-effective means of preventing and treating blowfly strike this summer. Plunge dipping with an OP dip is also an effective means of preventing and treating scab, lice, ticks and keds, making it a great choice for farmers who require broad spectrum parasite control. Bimeda marketing manager, Mary van Dijk, noted, ‘use of OP dip is well established for the control of ecto-parasites such as scab and lice in autumn, but many farmers are unaware of the fact that it is also licensed for…

Vitamin B1 Deficiency

Monday, 08 April 2019 14:58
What it is, prevention measures and what to do when it occurs. Vitamin B1 deficiency is also known as Thiamine deficiency, and is sometime referred to by the conditions it leads to, which are Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CCN) and Polioencephalomalacia, or PEM. It was first reported in ruminants in 1956 in North America1 and is now known to occur sporadically in cattle and sheep in many parts of the world, including the UK. But what exactly is Vitamin B1 deficiency ? Vitamin B1 deficiency occurs when calves and sheep have insufficient thiamine (Vitamin B1). Insufficient thiamine can have two main causes,…

Bimeda Nutrition Academy Kicks Off

Thursday, 07 March 2019 12:48
Bimeda is committed to promoting best practice and we understand the critical role that the UK’s SQPs play in making sure that farmers are making decisions in the best interests of animal welfare and productivity. We are committed to the continuous professional development of SQPs, as was demonstrated by he official launch of the Bimeda Nutrition Academy, which commenced this week. The Bimeda Nutrition Academy is an educational programme which provides AMTRA-accredited training to SQPs on the topic of trace element nutrition. The three tiered programme sees attendees progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels; receiving certification for each level…
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