Bimeda UK Launches Zinc Oxide Spray


Zinc Oxide Spray is a skin protection ointment containing zinc oxide, lanolin and allantoin and is suitable for use on multiple species, including cattle, horses, sheep, goats pigs and dogs. Bimeda's Zinc Oxide Spray dries to form an air-permeable protective film, which provides protection against wound secretion, sweat, urine, moisture, dirt and other irritants. The product may also be used for covering the surrounding skin areas of fistulas, and as skin protection before applying plaster casts.

Bimeda UK General Manager Mark Cokayne commented, 'we are very pleased to add another great product to the Bimeda range in the UK. Our Zinc Oxide spray assists wound disinfection, protects skin against dehydration and is also ideal for use in hard-to-bandage areas.'

Zinc Oxide Spray is available in a 200ml aerosol.

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