Bimeda launch new online CPD module: Correct Procedure for Dipping with Gold Fleece Sheep Dip


 Accounts for 5 AMTRA points /15 minutes of CPD

Following on from the success of their online Sheep Scab Academy, Bimeda have launched a new interactive online CPD module related to best practice for sheep ecto-parasite control. The company's latest module focuses on the correct procedure for dipping with Gold Fleece Sheep Dip, 608 mg/ml Concentrate for Dip Emulsion, which is used for the plunge dipping of sheep for the treatment and control of a range of ecto-parasites.

Bimeda Professional Services, Rachel Mallet, commented, 'Bimeda remain committed to supporting vets and SQPs with quality CPD to drive best practice approaches to disease management and the responsible use of medicines and we believe that this module will be a useful tool for animal health professionals in the UK'

To ensure prescribers are confident advising sheep farmers in the correct use of Gold Fleece sheep dip, this module contains an animation which covers practical aspects such as:
  • Preparing to dip
  • Initial mixing and replenishment rates
  • Effective dipping technique
  • Managing sheep after dipping
  • How to obtain updated requirements for disposal

The new module accounts for 5 AMTRA points / 15 minutes of CPD.

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