Bimeda announce sponsorship of the 2022 SCOPS Nematodirus forecast

Nematodirus battus, a gastrointestinal roundworm, can cause severe disease, in at-risk lambs, with up to 5% mortality and a severe check in growth rates1. Not to be confused with a general roundworm burden, Nematodirus strikes quickly and can cause disease before faecal egg counts become useful. These factors mean that you need to proactively assess whether your lambs may be at risk and monitor forecasts which predict the mass hatching of parasites.

Thankfully the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep group (SCOPS) have a Nematodirus forecast, based on regional weather data, to predict the time of hatching. This can help to inform the requirement for and timing of treatments and is sponsored by Bimeda and FEKPAKG2. The Nematodirus forecast, and further information about management, can be accessed on the SCOPS website

To learn more about Nematodirus, visit the Bimeda online CPD site and complete the SCOPS Nematodirus module where SQPs can earn 6 AMTRA points and vets can earn 30 minutes of CPD.

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