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Vet David Gardner Roberts of Armac Vets in Lanarkshire, was thrilled to win a competition organised by Bimeda at the 2015 London Vet Show. The competition was in conjunction with Cosecure Cattle Boluses (POM-VPS) and David correctly answered a number of questions regarding trace element deficiencies and toxicities in ruminants. David's name was selected at random from all the correct entries and he was extremely pleased to find out he was the winner. David was even more thrilled when he realised that the prize was for a £1000 holiday voucher! Bimeda Territory Manager Rachel Mallet presented the prize at Armac…

Bimeda’s BCVA IPad Winner Announced

Thursday, 12 November 2015 13:41
Bimeda UK was pleased to announce Kevin Beattie of Capontree Veterinary Practice, as the winner of Bimeda’s recent competition held at the BCVA 2015 Congress. Captontree in a member of the xL Vet group. After correctly answering a number of questions, Kevin’s name was pulled out of a hat of correct entries, and he was awarded the prize of an Ipad by Bimeda Territory Manager Emma Walker. Kevin told Emma he was very pleased to win, as he did not currently own an Ipad. Kevin is pictured here with colleagues Tom Sparks, Mark Hoyton and Anne Fisher. If you are…
Bimeda UK was pleased to host another farmer educational talk on the topic of mineral nutrition in ruminants. The talk was held in conjunction with the Drumrainey Vet Clinic, which is located in Magherafelt, Co Derry. Expert in trace element nutrition, Mr Peter Bone gave the talk and was supported by vet Liam Young. The talk focused on key trace element deficiencies, toxicities and interactions on Northern Irish farms and the best way to address these. Peter highlighted the need to use a rumen-available form of trace elements and recommended Bimeda's Cosecure and Cosecure trace element bolus range. Peter commented,…
Bimeda Territory Manager Emma Wormington was pleased to announce that Marcus Head of Rossdale Equine Hospital in Newmarket was the runner up in the Bimeda Equine competition held at the BEVA 2105 Congress. Emma presented Marcus with the bottle of champagne earlier this month. Marcus is a Senior Associate at the Equine Hospital, and specialises in Diagnostics and Lameness. The Bimeda Equine team were thrilled to attend this year's BEVA event and took the opportunity to engage with numerous equine vets regarding equine health topics, including pain management. There was a great deal of interest in Bimeda's Butagran Equi product,…
Bimeda Vet, Rachel Mallet writes about the issues of lice in cattle and sheep.
Bimeda were pleased to attend this year's BEVA Congress and to formally launch their Butagran Equi 'Why Wouldn't You Use It?' campaign. To celebrate the launch of the new Butagran campaign, Bimeda ran a competition at the event, offering vets the chance to win an Ipad. The lucky winner was Mark Vale of Towcester Equine Hospital. Bimeda Equine, Pig & Poultry Manager, Trevor Humphrey, commented, 'We were thrilled to attend BEVA again this year and to have the chance to engage with the UK's equine vets on various equine health topics. We were particularly happy with the launch of our…
Bimeda offers a wide range of parasite control products under the global Bimectin brand. Bimeda is passionate about animal health and about promoting best practice for the control and treatment of disease. Bimeda Vet Padraig Hyland has created a new training video, to promote the correct use of Bimectin products. Click here to see the video or visit our video library for more videos.
Bimeda are calling for farmers to review their scab control practices in order to address two concerning issues: the year-on-year increase in sheep scab on UK farms, and the potential development of resistance to 3ML wormers. Bimeda Vet and Territory Manager Rachel commented; ‘it is estimated that since the elimination of compulsory dipping 23 years ago, there has been a 60-fold increase in sheep scab on UK farms (Source: Endemic sheep scab: risk factors and the behaviour of upland sheep flocks: Rose and Wall). This is not a coincidence. Dipping gives immediate scab and ecto-parasite control and in fact, dipping…
Bimeda Technical Vet Padraig Hyland and Northern Ireland Territory Manager Kevin McAnenly were in attendance and enjoyed engaging with attendees on topical animal health topics. Of particular interest were Bimeda's Ectofly Pour On and the Coseicure trace element sheep boluses. The boluses have been shown to improve fertility in ewes and are a firm favourite of Northern Ireland's sheep farmers in the pre-tupping months of July, August and September.
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