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25th February 2016 Bimeda was pleased to sponsor a farmer meeting at Kingsway Vets in Skipton this week, which was attended by 50 sheep farmers. The speaker on the night was veterinarian Jenny Hull, BVetMed MRCVS, who provided information on an independent trial into various forms of trace element nutrition in lambs. In the trial, the Bimeda Cosecure boluses for lambs were shown to be 'best in class' for weight gain and increased profit in lambs. These boluses provide ionic cobalt, ionic copper and selenium for up to 6 months in lambs and form part of the Bimeda multi-trace element…
Rachel Mallet BVM&S MRCVS, Bimeda Vet & Bimeda Territory Manager, writes on the important role that adult fluke treatment at this time of year can play in helping farmers to break the fluke cycle on their farm’. While most sheep farmers will associate liver fluke with autumn and winter, and with acutely sick animals, it is important that we do not forget about fluke this spring, nor miss a key window to reduce the significance of this costly parasite on our farms. In the late spring and early summer all liver fluke infecting sheep will be adults. Adult fluke live…
The annual menace of Nematodirus battus, causing acute, severe diarrhoea still leads to sudden dehydration and lamb deaths on many farms. As the onset of disease can be very sudden, farmers have to be vigilant and respond rapidly with appropriate anthelmintics. Bimeda’s Professional Services Vet, Rachel Mallet, explains why it is essential for farmers to be prepared for the threat of nematodirus this year, and how they can do so. The need for vigilance is particularly true for 2016, as unusual and unpredictable weather patterns mean farmers will find it more difficult to predict when this parasite may strike. Vigilance…
January 2016   At this time of year, internal parasites are a key concern for the UK’s sheep farmers, with adult liver fluke, tapeworms, lungworms and mature and developing gastro-intestinal roundworms being of key concern. Bimeda UK’s Head of Sales, James Hutchings, commented, ‘the farmers we speak to tell us that these parasites are a primary concern for them at this time of year, and that they are looking for an effective and affordable treatment option which is not difficult to administer. Our Endofluke 10%, which contains albendazole 100mg/ml, as well as selenium and cobalt offers both efficacy and affordability…
Vet David Gardner Roberts of Armac Vets in Lanarkshire, was thrilled to win a competition organised by Bimeda at the 2015 London Vet Show. The competition was in conjunction with Cosecure Cattle Boluses (POM-VPS) and David correctly answered a number of questions regarding trace element deficiencies and toxicities in ruminants. David's name was selected at random from all the correct entries and he was extremely pleased to find out he was the winner. David was even more thrilled when he realised that the prize was for a £1000 holiday voucher! Bimeda Territory Manager Rachel Mallet presented the prize at Armac…

Bimeda’s BCVA IPad Winner Announced

Thursday, 12 November 2015 13:41
Bimeda UK was pleased to announce Kevin Beattie of Capontree Veterinary Practice, as the winner of Bimeda’s recent competition held at the BCVA 2015 Congress. Captontree in a member of the xL Vet group. After correctly answering a number of questions, Kevin’s name was pulled out of a hat of correct entries, and he was awarded the prize of an Ipad by Bimeda Territory Manager Emma Walker. Kevin told Emma he was very pleased to win, as he did not currently own an Ipad. Kevin is pictured here with colleagues Tom Sparks, Mark Hoyton and Anne Fisher. If you are…
Bimeda UK was pleased to host another farmer educational talk on the topic of mineral nutrition in ruminants. The talk was held in conjunction with the Drumrainey Vet Clinic, which is located in Magherafelt, Co Derry. Expert in trace element nutrition, Mr Peter Bone gave the talk and was supported by vet Liam Young. The talk focused on key trace element deficiencies, toxicities and interactions on Northern Irish farms and the best way to address these. Peter highlighted the need to use a rumen-available form of trace elements and recommended Bimeda's Cosecure and Cosecure trace element bolus range. Peter commented,…
Bimeda Territory Manager Emma Wormington was pleased to announce that Marcus Head of Rossdale Equine Hospital in Newmarket was the runner up in the Bimeda Equine competition held at the BEVA 2105 Congress. Emma presented Marcus with the bottle of champagne earlier this month. Marcus is a Senior Associate at the Equine Hospital, and specialises in Diagnostics and Lameness. The Bimeda Equine team were thrilled to attend this year's BEVA event and took the opportunity to engage with numerous equine vets regarding equine health topics, including pain management. There was a great deal of interest in Bimeda's Butagran Equi product,…
Bimeda Vet, Rachel Mallet writes about the issues of lice in cattle and sheep.
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