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Vitamin B1 Deficiency

Monday, 08 April 2019 14:58
What it is, prevention measures and what to do when it occurs. Vitamin B1 deficiency is also known as Thiamine deficiency, and is sometime referred to by the conditions it leads to, which are Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CCN) and Polioencephalomalacia, or PEM. It was first reported in ruminants in 1956 in North America1 and is now known to occur sporadically in cattle and sheep in many parts of the world, including the UK. But what exactly is Vitamin B1 deficiency ? Vitamin B1 deficiency occurs when calves and sheep have insufficient thiamine (Vitamin B1). Insufficient thiamine can have two main causes,…

Bimeda Nutrition Academy Kicks Off

Thursday, 07 March 2019 12:48
Bimeda is committed to promoting best practice and we understand the critical role that the UK’s SQPs play in making sure that farmers are making decisions in the best interests of animal welfare and productivity. We are committed to the continuous professional development of SQPs, as was demonstrated by he official launch of the Bimeda Nutrition Academy, which commenced this week. The Bimeda Nutrition Academy is an educational programme which provides AMTRA-accredited training to SQPs on the topic of trace element nutrition. The three tiered programme sees attendees progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels; receiving certification for each level…
The AWA Globe Paddlers is made up of 24 women of all ages & nationalities who train and compete in Dragon Boat Racing in Hong Kong . This determined and talented group of women have won the Stanley International Ladies Cup for the past 5 years. Global animal health company, Bimeda, was pleased to recently announce their sponsorship of the team for 2019. The AWA Paddlers embody Bimeda’s core values of focus, collaboration, competitiveness and progressiveness. The AWA is looking forward to its many races this season, including defending their title at the Stanley International Ladies Cup on 6th June.…

Trace Elements- Do They Affect Fertility?

Thursday, 28 February 2019 15:08
Fertility is a complex issue and there are numerous reasons why a decrease may be observed. This is why it is critical that your vet is involved to investigate and ensure that the correct issue is being addressed. One area worthy of investigation is the trace element status of your animals, as nutrition plays an important role in fertility, and imbalances in the supply of trace elements can have a negative impact. Copper Copper is a component of enzymes which are responsible for thrive and fertility in ruminants. It is also utilised for production of healthy wool and hair and…
The National SQP Awards is recognised as a key date in the calendar of the UK animal health industry. This unique and much-anticipated annual event recognises outstanding SQPs, who go the extra mile to develop their knowledge and provide an outstanding service for farmers, animal owners and their employers. For 2019, a new award has been confirmed, which looks to recognise the SQP who has shown high levels of interest and expertise in the area of animal nutrition. Bimeda, manufacturer of the well-known Cosecure and CoseIcure trace element bolus range, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of this award. Bimeda…

Bimeda Attend London Vet Show 2018

Thursday, 15 November 2018 17:47
Bimeda are pleased to be attending the 2018 London Vet Show. The Bimeda team is committed to supporting UK veterinarians and have recently launched an online CPD website; bimeda-learning.co.uk. The website contains engaging and interactive CPD modules and webinars, on a wide range of topics including nutrition, parasite control and more. Veterinarians who sign up for the CPD website during the London Vet Show will be automatically entered into a draw to win £400 in Amazon vouchers.

Liver Fluke - New Online CPD Module Launch

Thursday, 23 August 2018 16:49
Bimeda affirm their commitment to quality CPD and support for vets and SQPs with the launch of a new online CPD Module- ‘Focus on Fluke’ In order to ensure the best outcome for welfare and productivity vets and SQPs should be working with farmers to plan for the acute fluke risk period before it arrives. This CPD module covers the parasite and disease caused as well as strategies for reducing the risk to stock and responsible use of the active ingredients available to combat fluke. Rumen fluke is also covered in this webinar as this is an area of growing…
Bimeda’s recently-launched online-CPD platform, bimeda-learning.co.uk, offers vets, and SQPs the opportunity to improve their knowledge and gain CPD points along the way. There are a range of courses on the site, presented in an engaging and interactive format. Those who completed the recent module on nematodirus were entered into a draw to win an Amazon Gift certificate. Michael Watts, Practice Owner at Peninsula Veterinary Clinic was one of the lucky winners, and received his certificate from Bimeda’s Territory Manager for Northern Ireland, Kevin McAnenly. Mr Watts commented that he really enjoyed taking part in Bimeda’s CPD training and has encouraged…
Bimeda UK are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Suffolk Sheep Society in Ireland. Many of the society’s breeders are users and strong advocates of the Bimeda Cosecure and Coseicure soluble glass bolus range. Bimeda Northern Ireland Territory Manager, Kevin McAnenly, was pleased to attend a society event in May 2018 and to announce Bimeda’s sponsorship.
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