Gold Fleece

What is Gold Fleece Sheep Dip, 608 mg/ml Concentrate for Dip Emulsion?

Gold Fleece Sheep Dip, 608 mg/ml Concentrate for Dip Emulsion, containing diazinon, is used for the plunge dipping of sheep for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike, ticks, keds, lice, and scab infestations.


  • Control of sheep scab in a single treatment
  • Treats scab
  • Prevents scab reinfection for up to 60 days
  • Effective against scab, ticks, lice, keds and blowfly
  • 5L can treats up to 800 sheep
  • Can be used as part of sheep scab control programmes to reduce reliance on the important macrocyclic lactone (3-ML) injectable anthelmintics
  • Low volume of dip required
  • 49 days meat withdrawal

For more information, download the product data sheet.

Gold Fleece Sheep Dip is a category POM-VPS medicine. Seek advice from the advisor before using.

Use Medicines Responsibly.

Full product information can be found on the data sheet or on the SPC which is hosted on the VMD website.