2020 Nutritional Expertise Award- Winner Announced

Sarah Sparke of JS Hubbuck

Congratulations are in order for Sarah Sparke of JS Hubbuck who was announced as the winner of the 2020 Nutritional Expertise Award at the National SQP Awards.

Bimeda is pleased to sponsor the Nutritional Expertise Award and to help celebrate SQPs who are committed to increasing their knowledge in the area of best practice for animal nutrition and sharing this with farmers, pet owners and colleagues.

Sarah has shown an incredible commitment to the are of nutritional expertise over the past few years, passing through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels of the Bimeda Nutrition Academy in 2019, being announced as the runner up in the category of Nutritional Expertise at last year's National SQP Awards and being announced as the winner of the award in 2020.

We would also like to congratulate runner up Sarah Ferguson, who has shown similar dedication to the area of the nutritional expertise and who has gone above and beyond to educate herself, her colleagues and her farming clients regarding best practice for ruminant nutrition, with a focus on trace element nutrition.

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