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Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia) and the Downer Cow January 2011 As calving season begins to get into full swing, stockmen all over Ireland and the UK will again be maintaining a close eye on their dry cows and as calving ensues, they will remain ever vigilant against the metabolic diseases that can befall their cows in the period immediately following calving. The most common of these diseases in Hypocalcaemia (aka Milk Fever) and Downer Cow syndrome. Hypocalcaemia is a metabolic disease that generally affects high yielding dairy cows, although very milch suckling cows can also be affected. Clinical hypocalcaemia usually occurs…

Bimeda Appoints New Veterinarian

Friday, 17 December 2010 20:51
Bimeda Appoints New Veterinarian 25 February 2011 Bimeda has recently appointed a new veterinarian to an expanding team and is looking to continue the success and growth of the Irish owned business into the future. Mr William Fitzgerald will be instrumental in the company's growth and expansion and will ensure that Bimeda is positioned as a leader in the area of animal health.  Congratulating William on his appointment, Head of Sales and Marketing, Ireland and UK, Mr. Tom Kelleher said;" At Bimeda we are committed to the health and well being of animals. We provide an extensive range of products,…

Lice Control In Animals Housed Over Winter

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 20:33
Lice Control In Animals Housed Over Winter November 2010 Every winter, Pediculosis (Lice infestation) presents a serious challenge to the cattle farmers of Ireland. Lice are a particular menace because they spread rapidly within the shed and cause severe irritation to the infested cattle. The resulting irritation can cause scratching which in-turn causes hair loss, bleeding skin and in very severe cases, thickening of the skin at the worst affected areas. Where animals are carrying a particularly heavy infestation of lice, there is invariably a loss of condition due to the incessant need to scratch, to the detriment of the…
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