Bimeda Launches Online Nutrition Academy

Great news for the UK's veterinarians, SQPs and animal health professionals: Bimeda UK is pleased to announce the launch of its online Nutrition Academy, which in 2021 will focus on the important role of trace element nutrition in the health, fertility and productivity of ruminants.

The Nutrition Academy launch follows on from Bimeda's highly successful Sheep Scab Academy, which saw 250 SQPs, veterinarians and other animal health professionals complete accredited modules related to best practice for sheep scab prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The academy will consist of three AMTRA-accredited modules which will be launched during 2021. Those who successfully complete all three modules will receive certification from Bimeda, as well as some exclusive branded goodies.

The first module in the trio is titled Bimeda Trace Elements in Dairy Cow Fertility & Pregnancy and is available now on Bimeda's e-learning portal. The module has been accredited with 9 AMTRA points. This module also accounts for 1 hour 15 minutes of CPD.

In the coming months Bimeda will add a second module focused on the role of trace element nutrition in lamb and calf growth and thrive, and a final module focused on the role of trace elements in sheep fertility and pregnancy.
Bimeda UK General Manager Mark Cokayne commented, 'trace elements play a critical role in the health and fertility of ruminants, yet historically this area has been somewhat overlooked in formal animal health education.
Our customers tell us that they would like a deeper understanding of areas such as trace element deficiencies, toxicities and interactions, and the impact of these on ruminant health and fertility. We are pleased to respond to this market demand with our new academy, which will provide SQPs and veterinarians with additional knowledge to help inform their conversations with farmers.'
Bimeda has long been known for its dedication to the promotion of best practice when it comes to trace element nutrition, and supports initiatives such as forage analysis, customer and farmer training events and the sponsorship of the National SQP Award for Nutritional Expertise.

For any SQPs, veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses or industry professionals who would like to sign up to either Bimeda's online Nutrition Academy or the Sheep Scab Academy, visit the website today. 

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