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Soluble glass trace element bolus for sheep

Category: Nutritional

Species: Sheep

Active Ingredients: copper, cobalt, selenium, iodine

Legal Category: Complementary dietetic feedstuff

What is  Coseicure Sheep Bolus?

CoseIcure Sheep Bolus  is a unique, soluble glass trace element bolus for sheep, which delivers rumen-available ionic copper, ionic cobalt, iodine and selenium to the animal at a controlled and constant rate for up to eight months.

CoseIcure Sheep Bolus  contains a unique form of copper called ionic copper which is active at the same pH as the rumen.  Cosecure Sheep Bolus’  unique soluble glass is designed to dissolve at a controlled rate, meaning there are no peaks or troughs in supplementation.


For the supply of copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine in sheep over 30kg. The bolus supplies these trace elements at a controlled and constant rate for up to 8 months.

13.4% w/w copper
0.15% w/w selenium
0.5% w/w cobalt
1.0% w/w iodine


  • No guesswork – delivers exactly the same amount of copper, cobalt and selenium every single day, at levels compatible with animal’s daily requirements
  • Unique soluble glass formulation
  • Unique rumen-available ionic copper formulation
  • Unique rumen-available ionic cobalt formulation
  • Delivers trace elements which are essential for ongoing health and fertility

Trace elements are essential for fertility

molecules ionic colbaltionic cobalt
The body cannot store cobalt so a continuous supply is vital

molecules ionic copperionic copper
Required for growth and fertility

molecules seleniumselenium
Needed for immunity, fertility & the prevention of white muscle disease

molecules iodineiodine
Stimulates metabolism and promotes absorbtion of B12

coseicure sheep bolus
coseicure sheep bolus dissolve

Constant Daily Level up to 8 months


Trace elements in any form should only be given where a need to do so has been diagnosed by your vet, nutritionist or animal health adviser.

There is increased risk of copper toxicity associated with housed sheep and certain sheep breeds.

Please seek professional advice before using Cosecure or CoseIcure boluses in sheep/lambs housed or to be housed when the product is still active.

Please seek professional advice before using Cosecure or CoseIcure boluses in continental breeds and Blue Faced Leicesters which are more prone to copper toxicity.

Withdrawal Periods

Meat and OffalZero days

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