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Flavoured phenylbutazone sachet for horses

Category: Anti-Inflammatory

Species: Horses

Active Ingredients: phenylbutazone

Legal Category: POM-V

What is Butagran Equi?

Butagran Equi is an oral powder for use in horses, containing 200mg/g pg phenylbutazone


The product is indicated for the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions where relief from pain and a reduction in the associated inflammation is required e.g. in lameness associated with osteoarthritic conditions, bursitis, laminitis and soft tissue inflammation, particularly where continued mobility is considered desirable. It is also of value in limiting post-surgical inflammation, myositis and other soft tissue inflammation. The product can be used as an anti-pyretic where this is considered advisable e.g. in viral respiratory infections.


  • For treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • For pain relief
  • For soft tissue injuries
  • For reducing inflammation
  • With butter vanilla flavour

Withdrawal Period

Meat and Offal
  • Not for use in horses intended for human consumption.
  • Treated horses may never be slaughtered for human consumption.
  • The horse must have been declared as not intended for human consumption under national horse passport legislation

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1BUT001100 x 5 g sachets12