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Headquartered in Anglesey in Wales since 1998, Bimeda® has become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products in Ireland and the UK. In addition to distributing Bimeda® branded products, we also distribute for a number of international companies.

Offering a wide range, which includes Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatories, Intramammaries, Scour Treatments, Ecto & Endo parasiticides, together with a comprehensive equine health portfolio, Bimeda® is focussed on providing a comprehensive, customer driven service, selling consistently high-quality products, at a market-conscious price level.

Together with our customers, we aim to make the difference.


Corporate Video

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Learn about the Bimeda Group and our Global Operations.
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View Ectofly Video

watch how to administrer ectofly video

Learn how to administer Ectofly,
for the treatment and control of Blowfly Strike, Ticks, Lice and Headflies on Sheep and Lambs
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View Boviseal Video

Learn how to administer Boviseal

Learn how to administer Boviseal.
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Mineral Deficiency

Thiomolybdate toxicity & mineral deficiencies on UK farms - diagnosis & solutions

Learn about Mineral Deficiency
Peter Bone Trains Vets in techniques to avoid mineral deficiency in cattle and sheep.
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