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New Head of Sales for Bimeda UK

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:13
Bimeda is pleased to announce that James Hutchings has joined the company as Head of Sales for Bimeda UK. James brings with him a passion for animal health, having worked in the business for the past 25 years. For the past 8 years, James has held the role of Head of Sales with Novartis Animal Health in the UK, where he was responsible for their Farm Animal Business. Prior to this, he held a number of sales management roles with Novartis including Senior Regional Sales Manager for their Companion Animal Business. In addition, James has worked as a Sales Representative…

Bimeda Attend London Vet Show 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014 15:32
Bimeda were pleased to attend this year's London Vet Show. Bimeda Technical Vet Padraig Hyland commented, 'The show was a huge success, with vets from all over the UK and beyond in attendance. We had significant interest in our wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Vets were particularly interested in our Boviseal teat sealant and the Cosecure bolus range. Vets' clients are having great results with both of these product ranges and delegates were keen to share their success stories with us. We also had a great deal of interest in our wider product range, which includes everything from anthelmintics to…

Bimeda to attend London Vet 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014 16:22
Bimeda are pleased to announce that they will be attending this year’s London Vet event again. The team will be on hand to discuss Bimeda’s wide range of animal health products and veterinary pharmaceuticals, including Boviseal non-antibiotic internal teat sealant and Cosecure soluble glass boluses. Bimeda Vet Padraig Hyland commented, ‘London Vet is a great event for us. We offer a wide range of quality products for livestock, horses and companion animals and we always enjoy engaging with UK vets about not just our product range, but also important animal health and disease issues. We would invite all attendees to…

Bimeda Attend BCVA 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 12:13
Bimeda were pleased to attend this year’s BCVA Congress. There was significant interest in the Boviseal teat sealant and in the revolutionary Cosecure soluble glass boluses, as well as in the wider Bimeda range. Bimeda Vet, Padraig Hyland, commented, ‘there was great interest in the whole Bimeda veterinary range, as we now have a very wide range of high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals available. There was also significant interest in our Cosecure bolus range. Our Cosecure Cattle bolus is the UK’s only POM-VPS bolus. The show was well attended and we enjoyed engaging with vets on important animal health themes’.
Bimeda were pleased to attend this year's AVSPNI Conference this October. The event was well attended and the Bimeda stand proved popular with attendees. There was significant interest in some of Bimeda's key products, including the Boviseal teat sealant and the Cosecure soluble glass bolus range. Boviseal teat sealant has been locking mastitis out of the Irish dairy herd for over a decade, and is now available in the UK. The Cosecure soluble glass bolus range were also a popular topic of discussion. Their unique soluble glass formulation ensures a controlled and constant supply of key trace elements to ruminants,…
The Bimeda team saw significant interest in the Cosecure bolus range, as well as in the Boviseal teat sealant. Boviseal has been locking mastitis out of the Irish dairy herd for over a decade and is now available to UK dairy farmers. With housing season now upon us, was also significant interest in Endofluke, which is active against adult, immature and early immature stages of liver fluke susceptible to triclabendazole, and which is now licensed for use in dairy cattle.

Bimeda Attend BCVA Congress 2014

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 17:07
Bimeda are pleased to announce their attendance at this year’s BCVA event, where the team looks forward to discussing with attendees our wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products for cattle. Bimeda Vet Padraig Hyland commented; ‘The BCVA Congress is always a great event. We are looking forward to discussing our quality range of cattle products with the UK Vets in attendance, including our Boviseal non-antibiotic teat sealant and our Cosecure soluble glass boluses, to name just a couple. This is a fantastic event to attend and the team enjoy engaging with attendees on disease and animal health…

Bimeda Attend Bath & West Dairy Show 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014 15:24
Bimeda are pleased to announce that they will be attending this year’s Bath & West Dairy Show on 1st October. The Bimeda team will be on hand to discuss some of their key products for dairy cattle, including Boviseal, Cosecure boluses and Endofluke. Boviseal non antibiotic internal teat sealant is used on over 70% of Ireland’s dairy herds. Bimeda are pleased to have brought this product to the UK and look the team look forward to discussing the product’s use with farmers, and the role I can play in mastitis prevention. Peter Bone, consultant in ruminant mineral nutrition will also…
The Northern Ireland Blue Cattle Club held their annual herd competition recently and Bimeda was pleased to sponsor this event. Bimeda UK sales representative, Kevin McAnenly attended the Club’s Annual BBQ in Ballynahinch Rugby Club to assist with the award presentations. Entrants from all over the province were judged by the well-known cattle breeder Geoffrey Rodgers assisted by his son Martin from Ballynahinch. The competition was judged in two herd categories: large and small along with individual awards for Best Brood Cow, Best Bull, Best Heifer and Best Calf. Geoffory and Martin gave a superb photographic presentation of photos they…
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