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Malcom and Andrew McLean operate Relough Holsteins – a top pedigree herd in Northern Ireland. They have 290 cows in their award-winning herd with a milk yield of 10,000. Annually, they sell their prize-winning bulls and heifers.

CoseIcure Boluses and the Pedigree Flock

Monday, 20 March 2017 12:33
Multiple complex factors can contribute to the health and fertility of sheep and one of these factors can be the animal’s trace element levels. Too much of certain trace elements can prove toxic, while too little can lead to issues such as impaired reproductive health, poor growth rates and poor general health. The latter was a problem for Mr Gordon Crawford; a farmer from Ballymena, County Antrim. Along with his sons, Ben and Jack, Mr Crawford breeds pedigree Scottish Lanark Blackface sheep. Their flock consists of 95 ewes plus replacements. As a pedigree flock, about 30 sheep are artificially inseminated…
At this time of year it’s usual for farmers to start thinking about the measures they have in place to support the ongoing health and productivity of animals, and an assessment of your herds’ nutritional status is an important activity to undertake. Where a need for trace element supplementation is identified by your veterinarian, animal health advisor or nutritionist, they will be able to recommend the best course of action for your farm’s needs. In the case of farmer Frankie Owens, a farmer from Brackey, Sixmilecross in County Tyrone, his veterinarian advised that he use CoseIcure Cattle boluses and he…
Whether your main enterprise is beef or dairy, it is a well-documented fact that ensuring the optimum trace element status in your herd is critical to optimise productivity and to promote fertility. Where some farmers struggle is in differentiating between the plethora of nutritional products available; from free access systems such as licks and blocks, to injections, feed supplements and boluses. To shed some light on the issue, Bimeda Professional Services Veterinarian, Rachel Mallet, here talks about some of the key trace element deficiencies in cattle, and the options to address these. From speaking to farmers around the UK, and…
Unpredictable weather patterns could result in a high Nematodirus risk in 2017. This is why it’s vital this year, more than ever, to keep checking the Nematodirus forecast. Bimeda Professional Services Veterinarian, Rachel Mallet, gives us some best practice advice for nematodirus control and treatment. Read the full article .  
Bimeda UK is proud to communicate the launch of their guide to selective dry cow therapy. The 8 page, A5 guide is available to vets throughout the UK, who wish to consider a move to selective dry cow therapy (SDCT) for some of their clients. The guide will assist vets in explaining the criteria for SDCT to their clients, and is a key educational material which will assist the appropriate reduction in the use of dry cow antibiotics. Bimeda is committed to adding value to the UK veterinary and farming sectors, through the creation of educational training materials, among many…

Bimeda Re-Launch Multishield Dry Cow

Thursday, 07 July 2016 14:41
Bimeda UK is pleased to announce the re-launch of Multishield Dry Cow (POM-V) to the UK market place. The non-cephalosporin containing dry cow tube contains 100mg Neomycin Sulphate, 100mg Penethemate Hydriodide and 400mg Procaine Benzylpenicillin and is a welcome addition to Bimeda’s growing dairy production category, which includes such products as Boviseal non-antibiotic teat sealant, as well as a range of anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials and anti-parasitics, hormones and nutritional products licensed for use in dairy cattle. Bimeda Professional Services Veterinarian, Rachel Mallet BVM&S MRCVS, commented; ‘Multishield DC treats a wide variety of mastitis-causing bacteria. With its fast and slow-release penicillin, Multishield…
Bimeda is pleased to be attending the 2016 World Buiatrics Congress, which is taking place in Dublin this year and which is attended by over 3000 delegates. Bimeda’s wide range of animal health and veterinary pharmaceutical products and their global footprint, means that the Bimeda trade stand is proving extremely popular with congress delegates. Bimeda representatives from Ireland, Brazil, the UK and China were on hand to talk to delegates about key health issues affecting cattle globally, and about Bimeda products and services. Bimeda offer a wide range of products which are suitable for use in both dairy and beef…
Bimeda UK is pleased to announce the launch of Tetroxy Vet injection (200mg/ml oxytetracycline, POM-V). The range is the latest addition to the company’s broad and expanding dairy-production category. Head of Sales for Bimeda UK, James Hutchings, commented; ‘the launch of Tetroxy Vet highlights our ongoing commitment to providing UK veterinarians with a choice of high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals at a fair price.’ Tetroxy Vet is indicated in the treatment and control of diseases caused by, or associated with, organisms sensitive to Oxytetracycline in cattle, sheep and pigs. Benefits of Tetroxy Vet include: High syringe-ability: the product injects well event at…
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