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The Boviseal Quality Milk & Mastitis Workshop At The NEC Livestock Event 2013

Bimeda are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the Boviseal Quality Milk & Mastitis Drop-In Workshop at this year’s NEC Livestock Event.

In Concourse Suite 30, just outside the entrance to hall 19, Bimeda are running a 2 day drop in workshop, with a focus on quality milk and mastitis. Attendees are invited to come down, and speak to mastitis experts about mastitis prevention and quality milk production. On 3rd July, renowned mastitis expert Peter Edmondson will be on hand to speak to farmers.

The workshop will be a very hands on, interactive, affair, with tools available to demonstrate correct teat dipping, correct application of Boviseal teat seal and how to carry out the California Mastitis Test.

In addition, farmers will get the chance to take the ‘Boviseal Quality Milk and Mastitis Challenge’; a quiz which offers the opportunity to win great prizes such as the ultra tough Land Rover S1 phones, body warmers and caps.

The workshop will be open from 8.45am to 6pm each day and entrance is free.

NEC Livestock Event 2013