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Successful Training On Sheep Ecto-parasites Held In Northern Ireland

Bimeda UK were pleased to host a very successful training evening in the Tannery Bar and Restaurant in Moira, Co. Armagh. The topic for the evening was sheep ecto-parasites with a focus on blowfly strike and sheep scab and best practise in relation to dealing with these parasites.

There was great attendance with over 40 SQPs as well as many others interested in learning about sheep ecto-parasites and best practise.

Rachel Mallet BVM&S MRCVS conducted the talk and spoke about each disease in turn. She explained the causes and treatment of Blowfly Strike first. This was a timely update as Blowfly season is only around the corner and SQPs were keen to learn about the parasite.

Next on the agenda was Sheep Scab. Rachel detailed the lifecycle of the parasite before going on to explain the clinical signs and diagnosis of the disease – which was of particular interest to SQPs. Rachel then went through the options for farmers to treat/prevent sheep scab. Here, sheep dipping was highlighted as the best option for both prevention and cure. Rachel pointed out that there has been a rise in the incidence of sheep scab on farms in the UK in the last 20 years and that recent work carried out that shows there is resistance of 3ML wormers emerging. SQPs were most interested in learning about these recent findings as this is a very important topic ahead of summer.

Also on the night, Rachel briefly covered trace element supplementation and how best for SQPs to advise farmers on the topic. She also outlined the best options to advise to help treat any deficiencies in the herd/flock, if they are present.

Finally, there was an interactive quiz that went down very well as well as an opportunity to ask questions with great audience participation. There was a real thirst for knowledge among SQPs ahead of the busy spring and summer periods.

In summary, it was a hugely successful night and Bimeda were delighted to be involved in this educational and beneficial event for SQPs in Northern Ireland.