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New Bimeda 10ml Drench Applicator Makes Accurate Dosing Easier For Sheep Farmers.

January 2016


At this time of year, internal parasites are a key concern for the UK’s sheep farmers, with adult liver fluke, tapeworms, lungworms and mature and developing gastro-intestinal roundworms being of key concern.

Bimeda UK’s Head of Sales, James Hutchings, commented, ‘the farmers we speak to tell us that these parasites are a primary concern for them at this time of year, and that they are looking for an effective and affordable treatment option which is not difficult to administer.

Our Endofluke 10%, which contains albendazole 100mg/ml, as well as selenium and cobalt offers both efficacy and affordability to the farmer, and is licensed for the control of adult liver fluke, lungworms, tapeworms and mature and developing forms of gastro-intestinal roundworms. It offers a short 4 day meat withdrawal for sheep and is also ovicidal, meaning it kills eggs; so helps reduce pasture re-infestation

Now, thanks to the launch of our new 10ml drench applicator, we have ticked the box of convenient, straightforward administration too. The low dose rate for fluke and worms of 6ml/60kg sheep body weight is now easier for to farmers administer, thanks to this new applicator.’

James Hutchings added; ‘We are launching the 10ml drench applicator as a direct response to our conversations with UK sheep farmers who have told us they feel there is a gap for a high quality 10ml drench applicator, which will assist them with the accurate administration of products such as Endospec 10% (albendazole 100mg/ml). Our new applicator, and indeed the whole Bimeda product range, offer both affordability and excellent quality.’

Bimeda Marketing Manager, Mary Murphy, commented; ‘Bimeda are committed to providing UK farmers with the products and tools they need to make their job as efficient and convenient as possible, without compromising on product efficacy or animal welfare.

UK farmers are already familiar with our wide parasite control range, which includes such products as Bimectin Plus, Ectospec, Endofluke, Ectofly and Gold Fleece and we remain committed to delivering quality parasite control solutions for the UK’s farming community’.

Use Medicines Responsibly. Noah.co.uk/responsible

Legal Category Endospec: 10% a POM-VPS

Endospec 10% contains: Albendazole 100mg/ml Selenium 1.08mg/ml Cobalt 2.5mg/ml

For more information on Endopsec, including contra-indications see the SPC on the VMD website

Endospec 10% is also licensed for both beef and dairy cattle.

For more information contact:

Bimeda UK
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01248 725 400

Mary Murphy
Bimeda Marketing Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.