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Marcus Head Wins Bimeda Equine's 'Runner Up' Prize at BEVA

Bimeda Territory Manager Emma Wormington was pleased to announce that Marcus Head of Rossdale Equine Hospital in Newmarket was the runner up in the Bimeda Equine competition held at the BEVA 2105 Congress. Emma presented Marcus with the bottle of champagne earlier this month. Marcus is a Senior Associate at the Equine Hospital, and specialises in Diagnostics and Lameness.

The Bimeda Equine team were thrilled to attend this year's BEVA event and took the opportunity to engage with numerous equine vets regarding equine health topics, including pain management. There was a great deal of interest in Bimeda's Butagran Equi product, which is a 200mg/g phenylbutazone sachet, which is indicated for the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions where relief from pain and a reduction in the associated inflammation is required. It is also of value in limiting post-surgical inflammation, myositis and other soft tissue inflammation. The product can be used as an anti-pyretic, where this is considered advisable, eg in viral respiratory infections.

Emma commented, 'there was immense interest in Butagran Equi at the event. The sachet has added butter vanilla flavour which appealed to a number of vets I spoke to. There was also a great deal of interest in our wider Bimeda Equine portfolio, which includes hormones, nutritional products, anti-microbials, sedatives and parasite control products.'