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Bimeda UK - Items filtered by date: April 2017

The CoseIcure soluble glass boluses supply the same levels of ionic Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine every single day for up to six months. These trace elements can play a vital role in fertility and health. Also in the range is the Cosecure Cattle bolus, which is the only registered LM bolus in Ireland, and which provides Copper, Cobalt and Selenium. The CoseIcure and Cosecure range is enjoying rapid growth in Ireland. It is being increasingly specified by beef and dairy farmers, as well as vets, who are looking for a high quality bolus that provides a solid return on investment.

One such farmer is Paul McCullagh, who farms in Drumcondrath, Navan, Co. Meath. He has a 280 dairy cow herd that consists of 70% Holstein and 30% Jersey crosses. He supplies milk to Glanbia and Lakeland Dairies so his dairy cows need to be in peak condition to fulfil this demand.

We spoke to Paul to find out what difference the boluses made to his animals.

“Four years ago, I became concerned about the overall health and condition of the herd. I felt the cows were not performing as well as they could be. I have a spring calving herd and I found that at post calving time, the cows were appearing to be lacking in minerals.”

“I decided to investigate - I undertook forage mineral analyses in conjunction with Gerry O’Dowd (my local vet) and Bimeda. The results of these tests highlighted that there was a distinct lack of trace elements present- namely Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine. These trace elements have many functions that are essential to overall cow health, including for immunity and fertility.”

“The results alerted me to the fact that there was a real need to supplement my cows with trace elements. My vet Gerry O’Dowd recommended the CoseIcure Cattle Bolus from Bimeda. It was explained to me that, due to the unique soluble glass used, the bolus continually supplies the same amount of rumen-available Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine each day. Therefore I know exactly what each cow is receiving each day, which gives me peace of mind. It was also highlighted that CoseIcure Cattle Boluses last for up to six months”

“I bolus the cows ten days before they calf down so I know exactly how long they are receiving their much needed trace elements for. I am very happy that now 80% of my herd calves down in four to five weeks and I am experiencing very few calving issues. The CoseIcure Cattle Boluses have made such a difference to the health and condition of my herd. I have seen the improvement in my dairy herd first-hand and I would be very happy to recommend CoseIcure to anyone who needs to supplement their cows with trace elements.”

Any form of trace element supplementation should only be given where a need to do so has been established, and on the advice of a veterinarian, nutritionist or animal health advisor.

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The importance of overall herd health cannot be overstated. Health impacts on a great many aspects of the dairy cow, from fertility to food absorption to milk quality. There are so many factors that can influence the health of a dairy cow, one of these being trace elements. The most important trace elements are Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine. Each of these plays a vital role in helping the dairy cow maintain a healthy and fertile profile. A deficiency in any of the aforementioned elements can lead to problems with immunity, fertility, food absorption to name a few. Thus investigating whether a trace element deficiency exists in your herd is worth undertaking.

One farmer that did just that is John Bell. He runs a mainly dairy enterprise in Mullaghgare, Newtownbutler in Co. Fermanagh with his son Eric. The Bells have a herd of 120 dairy cows with 60 followers. They have an average 7500 milk yield per cow with mainly AI used on the dairy cows. The importance of trace elements came onto John’s radar three years and he has kindly decided to share his story with us.

“Three years ago, we became concerned about the health of our herd. We felt the cows were not performing as well as they could be. Eric and I found calving time to be difficult as the cows were retaining their placentas amongst other calving issues. The fertility of the herd was also a concern during the breeding season.”

“We decided to enlist our local vet and SQP to help us identify where our issues were stemming from. We found a deficiency in the trace elements of Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine. CoseIcure Cattle Boluses were recommended to us by both our vet and SQP. CoseIcure Cattle Boluses supply a continuous amount of trace elements for up to six months, which really appealed to us. We learnt that the reason for the continuous supply was due to the unique soluble glass that the bolus was made from and how this eliminates peaks and troughs in the supplementation.”

“We now bolus all our cows at the drying off period and all of our young stock over 250kg are also bolused. This regime helps us address the trace element deficiency in a practical and pragmatic way. We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen with CoseIcure Cattle Boluses. Our overall herd health has increased and our fertility and calving issues have reduced dramatically. Our calves are born healthy, which results in less need to call the vet. As a consequence, our vet bill has dropped as our cows and calves grow healthier. We are very happy with CoseIcure Cattle Boluses and we will continue to use them to help improve the health of our dairy herd.”

Any form of trace element supplementation should only be given where a need to do so has been established, and on the advice of a veterinarian, nutritionist or animal health advisor.

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Ruminants can suffer from a wide array of trace element deficiencies. However the most common are related to copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium. Sheep that are lacking in these essential trace elements can fail to thrive, have poor overall health and encounter fertility problems. However, once these deficiencies have been diagnosed, correct supplementation is necessary for the flock.

Mark and Ann Brennan live in Clocharnach Farm in Rostrevor in Co. Down, overlooking Carlingford Lough. The farm is in SDA and so the mountains are very important. They have a flock of 150 Scottish Lanark Blackface Sheep, plus replacements. For nine months of the year, the flock resides on the mountains. The Brennans have been breeding sheep since the 1980s and have won many prizes for their outstanding flock. Ann Brennan spoke to us about their experience with trace element supplementation.

“Back in 2001, we became concerned that our flock was not fulfilling its potential and we were having issues with overall health and fertility. Our lambs were also underperforming so we undertook a process of investigation. We took grass samples from the common where the sheep grazed and tested them for deficiencies. The results of these investigations concluded that the flock was deficient in copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium. The lambs were also experiencing a trace element deficiency and so there was a need for supplementation.”

“We explored our options and our SQP advised us to supplement our flock with boluses. He advocated CoseIcure Sheep Boluses and Cosecure Lamb Boluses as a means of addressing the problem. He explained to us that the bolus was made up of unique soluble glass which allows a continuous supply of trace elements for up to six months in lambs and up to 8 months in sheep. We were pleased to hear this as it removed the worry of peaks and troughs in our trace element supplementation that you hear about with some boluses. The boluses are administered twice a year, at tupping and again at scanning, which is of great benefit to us.”

“We have been using CoseIcure Sheep and Cosecure Lamb Boluses for a number of years now and we are extremely pleased with the results. The health of our flock has improved and our fertility issues have reduced. We have not looked back since we started using the boluses and we like the fact CoseIcure contains copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine in one bolus. We have seen first-hand the difference CoseIcure and Cosecure Boluses have made to our flock and will continue to use them to supplement our sheep”
Any form of trace element supplementation should only be given where a need to do so has been established, and on the advice of a veterinarian, nutritionist or animal health advisor. Copper-containing boluses are not suitable for some breeds of sheep or for housed sheep, and their use can lead to copper toxicity and death. If in doubt, speak to your veterinarian.

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