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Bimeda Announces Launch of Coliplus Oral Solution

Bimeda Announces Launch of Coliplus Oral Solution

24 February 2011

Bimeda unveiled today, the launch of Coliplus Oral Solution for use in drinking water for cattle, sheep, swine and chickens. Coliplus Oral Solution is for the treatment of gastrointestinal infections caused by non-invasive Escherichia coli susceptible to colistin. Colistin is an antibiotic from the group of polymyxins with a bactericidal action against Gram-negative bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Coliplus is well absorbed after oral administration and rapidly excreted by and large in the faecal stool.

Throughout the UK, it is estimated that watery mouth disease accounts for up to 25% of all lamb deaths in indoor intensive lambing systems. The disease develops quickly and affects predominantly lambs 12 – 72 hours old that have had inadequate or delayed access to colostrums. Morbidity in a flock can be as high as 30%, and if untreated, most affected lambs die. The newborn lamb is particularly vulnerable to disease resulting from ingestion of environmental bacteria for the following reasons. Watery mouth disease is more common in twins and triplets than in single lambs, particularly when born to ewes in poor body condition.

In calves, Escherichia coli is a very common cause of diarrhoea in the first week of life. It is commonly found in conjunction with rota- and coronavirus. E. coli organisms are part of the normal flora of the intestinal tract of older animals and many strains are harmless to the calf, but certain strains can cause moderate to severe scours and even death. E. coli is often referred to as "white" scours and is the most common cause of calf scours. .

Speaking at the launch, William Fitzgerald said; "The effect of gastrointestinal infections can be detrimental, resulting in severe financial losses for the farmer so we are delighted to launch Coliplus which will help vets control these bacteria. This is a very innovative product which offers a variety of advantages over powder medication and we at Bimeda are proud to add this to our product range".



For further information on Coliplus, please contact; William Fitzgerald, Commercial Veterinarian, MVB MVM, CertCSM, Mobile: + 353 (0) 86 0433388, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit; www.bimeda.com or speak to your local veterinary surgeon.