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Bimeda’s Padraig Hyland Announced As Speaker At 2015 London Vet Show

lvs 2015Bimeda UK is pleased to confirm that Bimeda Technical Vet, Padraig Hyland, has been announced as a speaker at this year’s London Vet Show.

Padraig will speak on the topic of trace element nutrition in ruminants, focusing on common toxicities and deficiencies in the UK, and the effect these can have on the health and fertility of animals. Padraig will focus on the role of the vet in helping the farmer to understand and address these problems, in order to ensure that animals are reaching their potential in terms of fertility, productivity and health.

Padraig commented; ‘for years the role that trace element nutrition plays in maximising the productivity, health and fertility of ruminants has been overlooked. However, the tide is changing and there is an increase in the number of vets in the UK who are looking to gain a better understanding of this important area. There is a move away from the haphazard, guesswork- and farmer-led approach to nutritional supplementation and a move towards a genuinely scientific approach. This lecture will of interest to vets who wish to gain a greater understanding of key trace element deficiencies and toxicities in the UK, and of the role they can play in applying their knowledge to address these. Through ensuring optimum trace element status in livestock we can improve the health and productivity of animals, as well as the profit line of our farmers. I am very much looking forward to the lecture at the London vet Show’.

Padraig’s lecture will take place from 1pm to 2pm, on 19th November in the BVA Farm Animal Theatre.