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Bimeda Host Farmer Talk On Ruminant Nutrition - October 2015

Bimeda UK was pleased to host another farmer educational talk on the topic of mineral nutrition in ruminants. The talk was held in conjunction with the Drumrainey Vet Clinic, which is located in Magherafelt, Co Derry.

Expert in trace element nutrition, Mr Peter Bone gave the talk and was supported by vet Liam Young. The talk focused on key trace element deficiencies, toxicities and interactions on Northern Irish farms and the best way to address these. Peter highlighted the need to use a rumen-available form of trace elements and recommended Bimeda's Cosecure and Cosecure trace element bolus range. Peter commented, 'due to their unique formulation and unique mode of action, the Bimeda boluses are the only boluses which deliver rumen-available ionic copper and cobalt. This is absolutely critical for addressing the key trace element deficiencies and toxicities which affect the UK's livestock. Copper is depleted in the rumen by iron, sulphur and molybdenum ingested by cattle and sheep, and a rumen-available form of copper is therefore required to replace it. I constantly speak to farmers who have tried other supplements and have not seen any improvements in fertility or productivity. When they switch to the Cosecure boluses, they see a vast improvement. This is due to the fact that the Coseicure and Cosecure boluses contain the essential rumen-available trace elements.'

Peter also stressed that it is critical that farmers have established that there is a need for trace element supplementation before giving any form of trace elements to their animals. This is true for all animals, but especially for housed sheep and certain breeds, which are extremely sensitive to copper toxicity, which can be lethal. Peter recommended always consulting a vet, nutritionist or animal health advisor before giving animals any form of trace element supplementation.

Bimeda are a leader in the area of ruminant nutrition and offer a broad range of products including the Cosecure trace element bolus range for cattle, sheep and lambs and Veticop Copper Injection. For more information on the Bimeda Cosecure and CoseIcure bolus range, see cosecureboluses.com