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Bimeda Attend London Vet Show 2014

Bimeda were pleased to attend this year's London Vet Show.

Bimeda Technical Vet Padraig Hyland commented, 'The show was a huge success, with vets from all over the UK and beyond in attendance. We had significant interest in our wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Vets were particularly interested in our Boviseal teat sealant and the Cosecure bolus range. Vets' clients are having great results with both of these product ranges and delegates were keen to share their success stories with us. We also had a great deal of interest in our wider product range, which includes everything from anthelmintics to antibiotics, NSAIDs, a wide equine portfolio and much more'.

Bimeda Vet and Territory Manager for Scotland; Rachel Mallet added, 'The show was a real pleasure to attend. The vets I spoke to were keen to talk about key animal health issues and the role that our products have played in keeping their clients' animals healthy. Our phenylbutazone sachet, Butagran, was receiving rave reviews, due to its palatability (it is butter vanilla flavoured) and its efficacy. Many vets also informed us that as they try to encourage their clients to move towards a 'prevention rather than treatment' approach where possible, they are finding our Boviseal teat sealant, and our Cosecure boluses to be key to some of their clients' strategies. The unique Cosecure boluses release a controlled and constant rate of key trace elements and are an ideal method for promoting ongoing health, productivity and fertility in animals suffering from trace element deficiencies or TMT (thiomolybdate Toxicity). Our Boviseal teat sealant is used by 70% of Ireland's dairy herd, and is now available in the UK. For many farmers, it plays a key role in their mastitis prevention strategy. '