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Bimeda affirm commitment to continuous professional development for vets and SQPs, with the launch of Bimeda-learning.co.uk

Bimeda UK are delighted to announce the launch of a new online CPD learning resource. The Bimeda E-Learning Portal can be found at bimeda-learning.co.uk and hosts a series of interactive CPD presentations and webinars, focused within Bimeda’s core business areas of parasite control, nutrition, equine and dairy production.

Each module will contribute to the CPD requirements of veterinarians and SQPs, and a certificate is issued following on from the successful completion of the course, detailing the length of the training or the number of AMTRA points allocated, as relevant.

Bimeda UK’s Professional Services Veterinarian, Rachel Mallet, commented: “The Bimeda UK team already strive to provide quality training to our customers, farmers and horse owners, to allow them to make informed decisions and recommendations regarding best practice for disease control and the promotion of animal welfare. In order to maintain our commitment to promoting best practice and responsible and targeted use of medicines we felt it was important to provide a learning platform which was easily accessible, for those unable to attend physical training sessions.”

Our first online CPD module is hosted by Lesley Stubbings, independent sheep consultant, and focuses on the Spring threat of Nematodirus in young lambs.
Every month new learning modules will be added relevant to current or seasonal disease challenges. Future topics include liver fluke disease, sheep scab and gastrointestinal roundworm control.

To register for free to take part in these training sessions, vets and SQPs can register here: https://bimeda-learning.co.uk/.