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Bimeda To Launch New Apple-flavoured Flunixin Paste for Horses at BEVA

apple flavoured pasteBimeda UK have announced that they will be launching a new equine product at the 2019 BEVA Conference and supporting the launch with the chance to win a trip to New York.

The product in question is Cronyxin Paste; an apple flavoured oral paste containing 50mg/g of flunixin, which is licensed for the treatment of acute inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders in horses.

This product comes in a convenient flexible-dose 33 gram syringe to allow for ease of dosing, and has a 15 day meat withdrawal; allowing for use in animals which have not been signed out of the food chain.

Bimeda Marketing Manager, Mary van Dijk, commented; ‘we are so excited to bring this new product to market. Cronyxin Paste was carefully developed following on from feedback from our customers who told us that a they would like a single syringe to treat larger horses over consecutive days. This was key in our choice to develop a 33 gram product in a multiple-dose syringe format. We also took into account the request for apple flavouring, which we then ensured was part of this new product development and we thought that running a competition to win a trip the Big Apple would be an appropriate way to celebrate our new product launch. The Bimeda team can’t wait to detail the product to vets at BEVA next week’.

For further information on this product please contact your local Bimeda territory manager or call Bimeda on 01248 725 400 if you are interested in stocking the product but are not currently a Bimeda customer.

Cronyxin Paste is a POM-V medicine. Use medicines responsibly. Noah.co.uk/Responsible. Full SPC data sheet available on the VMD website, NOAH compendium and Bimeda product page.