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Bimeda Parasite Control Range Goes From Strength To Strength

Bimeda UK are pleased to announce the expansion of their parasite control range with the launch of Zero; a ready-to-use soluble granule formulation containing cyromazine 2% w/w.

Zero is applied to high risk areas such as livestock deep litter and above ground slurry stores. The product prevents the development of the fly larvae; thus preventing the emergence of adults which are key vectors of disease.

As summer approaches, flies are a key concern for many farmers, who are all too aware of the welfare and productivity implications of fly-borne diseases such as summer mastitis, pink eye, Schmallenberg and Blue Tongue. Prevention is always better than cure and this latest parasite prevention product from Bimeda will form a key part of many farmers’ parasite control programmes this summer.

Zero is effective against diptera larvae known as true flies, which include larvae from the following species: fruit flies, gnats, flesh flies, midges, moth flies, gall midges, blow flies and horse flies.

Zero is suitable for use in livestock units, such as rearing facilities for cattle and horses, pig sties and poultry houses. It can also be used in manure heaps, slurry reservoirs and waste disposal sites. Zero can be applied by direct scattering of dry granules, or by spraying or pouring after dissolution in water.

UK Head of Sales James Hutchings commented; ‘Bimeda is committed to providing products to UK farmers which deliver efficacy, convenience and value, and the introduction of Zero is indicative of this commitment. While its ready-to-use formulation is highly convenient to farmers, its efficacy against numerous fly species will bring peace of mind as we approach key fly season.

We are dedicated to providing parasite control solutions to the UK farmers and Zero perfectly complements our existing range, including our Dectospot Spot On (Deltamethrin 10mg/ml) which we launched last year. These two products used together will create a perfect dual action fly control programme at a very cost effective price.

Dectospot is licensed as a topical application for the control of lice and flies on cattle; ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep and lice and ticks on lambs. It is licensed for use during pregnancy and lactation and has zero milk withdrawal in cattle.’

For further information on any Bimeda product speak to your supplier or call Bimeda on 01248 725 400. Alternatively, visit Bimeda.co.uk

Use Medicines Responsibly. Noah.co.uk/responsible

Dectospot Legal Category: POM-VPS. Active: Deltamethrin 10mg/ml. For full product information, including contra-indications see the SPC which can be found on the VMD website. Alternatively, visit Bimeda.co.uk. Bimeda can be contacted at Unit 2, Bimeda, Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey, LL777XA, 01248 725 400.  Zero is an insecticide for professional use. Consult packaging prior to use.

Key Contacts

Bimeda Marketing Manager
Mary Murphy
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Bimeda Professional Services Veterinarian
Rachel Mallet
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