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Dry cow intramammary to treat and prevent mastitis infections at dry off.

Category: Intramammary

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: neomycin sulphate, penethamate hydriodide, procaine benzylpenicillin

Legal Category: POM-V


What is Multishield DC?

A broad-spectrum dry cow antibiotic for the treatment and prevention of sub-clinical mastitis.

Each 4.5g intramammary syringe contains:

  • Neomycin Sulphate - 100mg
  • Penethamate Hydriodide - 100mg
  • Procaine Benzylpenicillin - 400mg


Multishield is licensed for the treatment of subclinical mastitis caused by bovine mastitis organisms sensitive to the combination of active substances, penicillin and neomycin, and as part of strategy for the prevention of new infections occurring during the dry period.


  • Rapid and slow release for immediate treatment and long term protection against new infections
  • Proven broad spectrum activity against a wide range of mastitis- causing bacteria including both gram-positive and gram-negative
  • Synergistic activity of neomycin and penicillin
  • Effective against Streptococcal species, E coli, and sumer mastitis causing Arcanobacterium pyogenes
  • Cephalosporin free

Withdrawal Periods

Meat and Offal28 days
Milk96 hours post calving in cows with a dry period of more than 50 days.
50 days plus 96 hours after treatment from cows with a dry period of 50 days or less. 

Pack Sizes

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1MUL0244.5 g syringes120